I HAD to go shopping. Yes, I said HAD. I’m not a shopper. It usually takes at least a year for my husband to get me to go buy new clothes for me. But I had to because clothes are indescently falling off of me. I know. Such a horrible problem when you are actually succeeding at losing weight. The scale is slow to move, but the actual size of my body is definitely changing. I don’t even know what size I am anymore when I go to try on clothes. I used to go into Lane Bryant and grab 26/28’s or into Torrid and grab 4’s, but I can’t do that anymore. I’m not having to grab anywhere between a 16 to 20 and try things on. I mean, I know that I sound like I’m complaining about losing weight, but I’m really not. I’m just complaining about having to try on clothes again because I actually got a body back with curves rather than just a … big person.

This week when we went to Costco, I saw some cute nightshirts by Lucky Brand. I love the way their cotton feels. I grabbed the 2XL because that’s what I usually grab. I took a look at it and my husband says to me, “Babe, that is way too big.” What? I looked again and held it up to my body and he was right. It wrapped around more than half of my body. What? So I got the XL and couldn’t believe it. I haven’t gotten an XL anything since before I was pregnant with my son over 18 years ago.

This weekend we needed to go shopping for a bathing suit. Next week is our big camping trip and when I tried on my 26-sized 2-piece bathing suit, the bottoms were sliding off and the cup size for the top was ridiculously too big. I was going to get in the water with a bathing suit on and come out naked. So it was definitely time to go shopping. Bathing suit shopping is NOT something us big girls like to do. And it was tough. Certain styles were either too big or too small. I luckily found a 2-piece at Lane Bryant were I could customly fit myself with a top (a 42B) and then with shorts (a size 18/20).

While at Macy’s, I found the best shirt that summed up my shopping day (and this week) – a Disney Princess shirt with the words “#squad goals” on it. I wore that shirt today in celebration. Let me explain why today is such a celebration.

My husband started doing the fasts with me. We did one yesterday – he did 24 hours and I stretched mine to 42 hours. I have needed to extend my fasts to 42 hours because I’m fighting back type 2 diabetes and I’m trying to reverse it. My morning fasting blood sugar glucose numbers have been in the 130s on a pretty consistent basis for the last couple of months. It has always been highest in the mornings. I started to cut back on the Invokana I’ve been taking in order to do the longer fasts without having any crashes. Well, this last weekend, I decided to stop taking the Metformin. From what I’ve been reading Metformin decreases glucose production in the liver and is supposed to increase insulin sensitivity to the body tissue. Well, I’m essentially doing the same thing by fasting. I’ve been in a stall with the weight loss portion and I was curious to see what would happen to my blood sugars.

So I tested my blood sugars this morning. I was at 104 without any medications! Now of course, I am going to continue to monitor my blood sugar. For instance, I broke my fast today after 43 hours and ate lunch and dinner. I will be testing myself before I go to bed tonight and testing again tomorrow morning, but if this pattern continues, I am well on my way to reversing my diabetes on diet and fasting alone. I haven’t even started an exercise regimen yet. I’m still in the process of finding a new doctor after my doctor moved out of the area, but I’m excited at this information I’m documenting so that I can show them exactly how this really works. The food we put in our bodies is so crucial. And the time we give our bodies to heal and work through fasting is necessary. Our bodies have been perfectly designed and created for fasting and feasting and we need to treat them that way.



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