Getting Past

Last night was really difficult, as you may have seen in my previous post. It was comforting to read though that others in one of the Facebook groups also described the 24-hour mark as being the most difficult to get past. But once you do get past it, it becomes much easier. When I woke up this morning, I had absolutely no hunger pains. I went to work and stayed busy and had no issues.

My cup of coffee helps. One thing I noticed about drinking coffee now. I used to get an upset stomach from coffee, at least that’s what I thought. I had figured for myself that I needed something like a piece of toast to absorb the acid in the coffee to help prevent getting an upset stomach. Ever since stopping carbs and sugar, I drink a cup of coffee every morning with a tablespoon of coconut oil. I have not had an upset stomach at all. As a matter of fact, I haven’t had any stomach or digestive issues at all since going Keto. Amazing.

Anyway, I was noticing how it was getting tough again around 2pm. Luckily, my 42-hour fast was coming to an end. I had packed myself some pickles, an avocado, and a chicken salad for the break. Surprisingly, the only thing that was appetizing were the pickles. So I ate those on the way home and on my way to the Farmers Market (I love Tuesdays between Memorial Day and Labor Day).

My senses were so heightened. I could smell everything and I was so excited to get fresh food. My first stop was at the chicken rotisserie truck. That was dinner for the family – that and their roasted brussel sprouts (they get roasted under the chicken drippings). Next was the Bacon Bus who’s sign outside said “Our pigs eat kale so that you don’t have to.” Yes. I can accept that agreement. I got some bacon, pork shoulder steaks, and their prepared pulled pork (no sauce, but yes on fat and soft cartilage).

Next was my favorite family that has blueberries for a short time. Then on to get some basil, strawberries, and my bag of greens with edible flowers. I was so excited. Got in the car and popped a couple of blueberries in my mouth. Then I thought how about some blueberries and basil and did just that. It was amazing flavor that I know I wouldn’t have put together any other day but today.

I made it through the 42 hours and I am a little afraid of having to do it again. But I guess knowing that I made it through this, it can only get easier.

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