Keto Hacking Restaurants

My husband and I decided to start reviewing some restaurants that have good Keto options and ways that we can Keto hack the menus.

Flynn’s Steakhouse – Felton, CA
They are new in our area and we went to try them out. We ordered the Crab Cake to start. You can usually tell the quality of a kitchen off of a Crab Cake – if too dry, then more than likely they cooked it from frozen. Sometimes they have fillers like breadcrumbs or imitation crab. So we gave it a try. Oh my, one of the best quality we have tasted. No bread crumbs. Definitely real crab. It was delicious. For dinner we ordered Steak and lobster and it too was delicious. They have many sides to choose from and I chose the roasted Brussels Sprouts – amazing.

Auntie Mame’s – Scotts Valley, CA
Our favorite breakfast cafe. They have some amazing specials each weekend, but they also have a regular breakfast dish – Joe’s Special. If you live in the Bay Area, then you know what ingredients go into Joe’s Special and what makes it highly Keto friendly: spinach, ground beef, eggs, and mushrooms. The great thing about Auntie Mame’s is that they don’t charge you for substituting because of your dietary lifestyle (unlike some other places we have visited). We sub out their home fries/hash browns and toast for cottage cheese, tomatoes, or avocado.

Crow’s Nest – Santa Cruz, CA
We went to lunch one weekend afternoon. We told the waitress that we weren’t eating carbs so she didn’t need to bring bread. She said that it would be no problem. We ordered the skirt steak salad without croutons and for an appetizer we ordered the Crab and Artichoke Dip, without bread of course. The waitress brought our a bowl of fresh veggies from their salad bar – bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms – to use with the dip. We were so amazed and grateful for her thoughtfulness.

Primal – Santa Cruz, CA
According to their website:

PRIMAL, aspires to influence modern food culture by utilizing “real food” as the means to connect with: health, heritage, nature, each other. Unfortunately, modern food industries have long strayed from our biological connections with nature and health; things required for optimal living. So, we created a restaurant rooted in both.

They also state on their menu “ZERO Gluten, Grains, Soy, GMOs, Refined Sugar or Seed Oils”. This makes a Keto-er very happy. Of course, they still have some carb/starch foods like sweet potatoes, but at least we know that the food is cooked in good fats/oils. We tried their “Buffalo Cauliflower” that was amazing (we still think about it). We also had the steamed artichoke, pork tenderloin, and grilled skirt steak. It was all amazing. I really liked the red cabbage and the garlic kale. It was all just amazing. Of course, we didn’t get to try a dessert because it did have some “illegal” ingredients, but I anticipate that they will venture into something that is Keto-legal eventually (you know, almond flour, coconut flour, stevia, etc). The do have coffee, including a Bulletproof-type coffee – coffee with MCT oil and ghee. This is a step in the right direction folks.

Wing Stop – Santa Cruz, CA
Can’t go wrong with wings – just make sure you get the classic because the boneless is breaded. I really like the Garlic Parmesan and my husband likes the Lemon Pepper and Barbecue (which isn’t Keto, but he allows himself a little bit more leniency).

Chuy’s – Austin, Tx
When we visited my brother in Austin, Texas, they brought us to their favorite Tex Mex spot – Chuy’s. I checked out their menu ahead of time and really wanted to try their chile con queso. So we stopped at the store and grabbed some pork rinds to bring with us. When we pulled it out at the table, the waitress says “Oh, Keto, right?” We were stunned that someone recognized what we were doing. And we greatly appreciated the waitresses efforts. She pointed things out on the menu that were Keto friendly.

D’Lites – Austin, Tx

For dessert, we hopped over to D’Lites – an ice cream parlor that serves low sugar/low carb ice cream. They have so many amazing choices. I was so happy to see someone try to give us a place to go for desserts. It’s hard to find good ice cream that is low on sugar and carbs.