Why is today so hard?

I haven’t done a 36- or 42-hour fast in quite some time. I’ve been doing 24-hour fasts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ve been in a plateau again for a couple of weeks now. It’s getting more and more difficult to get past the plateaus. During my first one, I recognized my stressors and made some adjustments. The weight started going down again. But now I’ve been stuck at 235 in what feels like forever. My gut instinct was telling me that I needed to push my fasts out. When fasting, it takes time for your body to burn through its glucose reserves before it starts burning off the fat. And I’m thinking that with type 2 diabetes, my glucose reserves may be just a little larger than normal.

So here I am at 24 hours and I’m really not happy right now. All I keep doing is thinking how wonderful some pork rinds and avocado would taste. Or what wonderful Keto dish I could make for dinner. It’s been easy to do the 24-hour ones because 1) I’m at work and I’m extremely busy and 2) I cook dinner for my family. All I have to do for this 36- (and maybe 42-) hour fast is just get through tonight, sleep and then I’m at work in the morning. And then I can eat lunch tomorrow.


I’m trying to keep myself distracted right now by making myself sit here and right while my husband plays Grand Theft Auto. He’s cute. He asked me what was wrong and I said I’m miserable but I have to get through it. I have to do this so that I know that I can. Then he said, “How can I help?” Distraction. Then he says, “How ’bout some bone broth?” Yes. That’s what I can have.

It’s not that I feel hungry. I’m not hungry. I’m not starving. It’s more like I’m tired from a long day at work and want to feel… the joy(?) of having something to eat? Yes, I guess that’s it. Doing Keto and eating the foods I get to eat really is a joy. I enjoy looking at new recipes. I enjoy the richness of the food. I enjoy feeling completely satisfied and sustained knowing that I am eating food that is good for me. So what do I do?

I guess this is where I need to do some soul searching to find other things that make me “happy” or bring me joy to take place of eating. It has to be something easy or habit-forming so that way I can do it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Writing right now is helping a bit. Well I’ll keep working on this and get back to you when I figure some things out. As it states in my blog’s title – the “Ebb and Flow of the Keto Lifestyle”. This is just one of the ebbs.

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