Traveling in England

What an amazing trip. A trip of a lifetime. My husband and I just finished our 10-day trip in England – a first stamp in our Passports. We actually did really well, Keto-wise. We started each day with a cup of coffee, rarely had lunch, began a new tradition of daily afternoon teas, and finished the day with dinner.

Food was a little difficult to navigate. We noticed that the menus were extremely heavy in carbs. Almost every dish came with “chips” (fries for us Americans). It was either chips, mashed potatoes, or rice. Our favorite food was Mediterranean food – meat platters with lamb and chicken kebabs, lamb and chicken doner, and lamb shish. It was absolutely amazing. It was served with a side of cabbage. So we had that about 4 out of the 10 nights.

We did a lot of walking around, drank a lot of water, and had a few carbs here and there, but we made sure to cheat on things that were unique to England and had meaning. For instance, we started having afternoon tea about 2 days into our trip. We had heavy cream with our tea, and then biscuits with clotted cream. We piled the clotted cream on. It was so good. So we made sure those were the only carbs and we always went walking afterwards. On the last night, we were in Manchester and had one of the notorious meat pies with mash and gravy. It was really good, but we both agreed that it wasn’t worth the carb-blotted stomach afterwards. It made us appreciate the fact that we are Keto-fied. Lol.

When we got home, we both got on the scale and saw that we both gained 10 pounds on the trip. But after only 1 day of drinking water and a little fasting, the pounds came right off. We figured it was really just water retention from the 11-hour flight home.

We absolutely loved England and we want to go back again… many times. The only thing we had a tough time finding in the grocery store was macadamia nuts. They don’t have them, or at least they are not easy to come by. Neither are any of the other nuts. Pork rinds – difficult to find. So, it’s not a deal breaker to visit, but if we move there, we’ll have to invest in macadamia nuts and have them delivered to the Cotswolds…

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