The Egg Fast

Something I have learned on this journey so far: Keep things interesting – change things up. Anyone doing this for the long haul knows that stalls are extremely annoying, but part of the game. Most of the time, I’ll see a stall on the scale, but can still feel the inches going down.

I try to listen to different podcasts to help me get different ideas and to try different things. One thing I stumbled across is the egg fast. I first saw it mentioned in one of my Facebook groups. I looked it up and saw that Jimmy Moore did it back in 2010 and broke one of his stalls. So I figured I’d give it a try.

There were a few people with slightly different rules that I pulled from:

  1. Eggs must be the main source of protein and fat.
  2. For every egg, eat 1 tbsp of fat (butter, ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, olives, etc).
  3. I will eat eggs every 3-5 hours. If I’m not hungry, I’ll eat just 1 egg, but I will eat at least 6 eggs a day.
  4. Cheese is permitted at 1 oz per egg.
  5. I will use only pastured eggs.
  6. No eating for 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  7. Drink water, coffee, tea. No soda.

I did the egg fast for three days and found that I lost two pounds a day. After the third day, I definitely could feel in my body that it was time to stop – essentially when your husband makes some sausages to go with his eggs and it smells just too good to pass up, you know your body needs something else. And I give myself a break.

I would definitely say that the Egg Fast is a great tool and I’ll be doing it again through this journey. That’s what I like about this lifestyle – it allows for you to change and adapt to what your body needs at that time. There are so many tools that I can turn to.

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