Week Three: Still Sick – WT…?

That’s right. I’m still sick. And I hate being sick. It slows me down. And retrospectively, I guess this is the only thing that would have slowed me down. So in the last two weeks, not only have I still been going to work ill (I took maybe two days off), I would save all of my energy all day and then go and sit in the box office for my daughter’s school play in the evenings. I still have not gotten any fever, but I am so congested! Of course, where I live there are a lot of people suffering from the same systems. I live in the mountains in California and there have been two big fires around here putting a lot of particulates in the air. On top of that, we had a huge rain season last February causing a lot of vegetation growth and mudslides that uprooted a lot of trees, fungi, and spores. All of this is in the air and 35 degree weather doesn’t help. So I’m not surprised…

But yesterday was the worst. My ear hurt so bad. I woke up in the middle of the night in so much pain and had to wait a few more hours to get to Urgent Care. My husband took me and the doctor said, “Well, no fever, but it looks ANGRY in there.” Um, yes, it feels angry. I was told to keep taking the decongestant and then I was given permission to take more Mortin than normal. I was also prescribed some antibiotics that was optional. Let’s just say that antibiotics and I don’t get along. With my diabetes and the current medication I’m already on, yeast infections are a high risk factor for me. So the doctor gave me something for that as well. This is a lot of meds and I have no idea how it will affect my weight loss efforts.

Well, I stepped on the scale and started crying. I am back up to 254 pounds. But luckily I have a very supportive and caring husband. He told me to give myself a “friggin” break. My sleep is messed up (we are both sleep professionals and know how sleep affects all aspects of our life and health – more on that later), I can’t breathe, I’m on decongestants, cough medications, and I just need to get better first. So although I have been staying on and staying strict with the diet, there are so many other factors here that I have no control over (he’s so good, isn’t he?).

I’ve decided to not weigh myself until after I’m healed from this cold. I just can’t rely on how my body is reacting right now. I’m sticking on my new lifestyle though, through thick and thin, through sick and wellness – even through Christmas.

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