Week One: Welcome Keto!

So wouldn’t you know that the day after I started Keto (December 2nd to be exact), I got sick. Sinuses inflamed, sore throat, coughing, blowing my nose, headache, the whole works. No fever though. And then throughout the week, I couldn’t tell whether I was extremely nauseous from the “Keto flu” or from my illness (I’m not calling it the flu because I get at least one seasonal sinus cold a year). Let’s just say that it was complete torture not to be able to just have a piece of toast when you feel so horrible – that kind of please-hubby-just-make-me-feel-better.

Right before lunchtime, I would have the most horrible feeling of nausea that the thought of food just made me dizzy and ill. But something told me I had to eat. So I warmed up some chicken broth, scrambled a couple of eggs, and egg-dropped it into the broth. My Italian side had me sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top. After eating a bowl of it I felt so much better… Well, until my cold reminded me I didn’t feel better…

I got through the week and weighed in. I was so incredibly surprised. I couldn’t believe it. Here is my Facebook post:

Ok friends. So I weighed myself today because I’m taking tomorrow off from work and I use the scale at work. I think it’s important to use the same scale each time. The nice thing about it is that it’s manual and not digital so I find it motivating when moving the weights. So last Friday I was at 259 as my starting weight. Today… drum roll… I’m at 246! Let me tell you how amazing it felt to not have to use that 250 weight that I’ve been using for the last 13 years. Incredible! I even automatically put it on the 250 because I’m so used to it. And to see that be “too much”, to see it weighed down too much meaning I was less than 250 almost brought tears. And after being sick this week too. Maybe this is the upside to being sick. Lol. I’ll take whatever I get. That’s 13 pounds down in one week!

I was joking with one of our patients at work. I was so excited about my weight loss, but I knew that it could be a little off because of being sick, on cold medications, and drinking an obscene amount of water. I said that maybe getting sick is the key to weight loss and the key to avoiding the Keto Flu. I’m just kidding. Don’t go and get sick.

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